WRS Round 2 longboard event

WRS Round 2

WRS Round 2 is coming online! This two-day event, organized by Richard Barber and UKDH, will be available to anyone within and outside Facebook. During this event, you can enjoy

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Teutônia Pro

Skatedownhills is stoked to add the freshly paved Teutônia Pro, Brazil’s premiere race, to this year’s calendar. This is an International Skateboarding Championship on the fastest slope in the world,

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World Skate Games

World Skate Games World Skate is proud to announce the World Skate Games World Championships 2022 in Downhill, Street Luge, Slalom and Vert Skateboarding, to be held in San Juan and

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Practica de Downhill

On November 5 and 6, we are finalizing the 2022 practice calendar, and for that, we will have an open practice on the track “32-40,0” track around 70km on average

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DockSession Vancouver

Vancouver flatland/freestyle skate community. Sessions every Friday post 6:30. All levels are welcome excellent for beginners who want to learn longboarding

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