Find the perfect spot for Longboard!

In Longboard Bible, we want to bring longboarding closer to the people, and the best way to do it is by finding the perfect spot to practice it and maybe meet new people.

Let’s all ride together and build a great community! This is why we are launching this map! This way, you can share your spot, so more people can come to it and meet you, or you can find a new place near you where you might meet new longboarders.e



Tips for using the map: If you want to zoom in or out with your mouse’s scroll wheel, press the left control while doing it. This way, the page won´t scroll down!

[Disclaimer: we do not recommend sharing downhill spots; this leads to inexperienced riders finding them and increases the chance of causing an accident. We recommend that if you want to start downhill, start attempting events; there will be more experienced riders that will show you the perfect spots to begin doing downhill]