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If you are a professional, you probably already know everything that will be said on this website, but if you are not, we bring all the information possible to find the ideal products for your board.

To make it easier, we are going to make a quick decision, do you want to sort by products or discipline?

Longboard Equipment by product type

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Choosing your first longboard board can be difficult because at first because you might not know which discipline you might end up practicing.

Find out here what are the best overall options, you might find your next ride.



When you start longboarding, you don´t care what you roll on, but finding the best wheel can go from helping push less when you cruise to griping a corner when you are going downhill or even trying to attempt the next stand-up slide world record.

Find the wheels that adapt the most to your discipline and start enjoying them.



When you buy a generic board, it usually comes with a reverse kingpin and is 150 to 180 millimeters wide. These are the best overall option for starters, but if you want to keep improving in downhill, slalom, or cruising, each discipline will require a different truck.

Here you can find all the information about longboard trucks, the best option, and how they work.


They will make you roll and roll!!

Jokes aside, the bearing is a “metal circle” inside your wheel; it helps you reduce friction and, depending on what you have set up in your board, can help you go faster or even roll for longer without pushing.


If you made it here, you are probably a longboard scientist already. This is the field that only the expert touch; here, we will talk about: bolts, screws, risers, grip tape, and even kingpins.

This field is only touched by people that change a lot of the setup and are constantly improving them. 

If you are looking for a mainstream lecture, don´t enter this section!

Protective Gear

Last but not least, the essential part of this list. The protective Gear will help you stay safe and keep riding for another day.

Improving at longboard is excellent but not worth it if you cannot do it for another day.

Here you can find the best protective Gear to stay safe!

Longboard Equipment by discipline

If you are into cruising, I am assuming that you can be one out of two people: you are a beginner and just started longboarding, or you hacked life.

Cruising is the purest form of longboarding, just you, your board, and the moment; there is nothing else. This discipline is the one that will help you relax the most.

Find the best board to keep with your flow!

Carving is the perfect option for surf lovers. We can say that is the original way of skating because it is trying to mimic the feeling of surfing a wave but on land.

This discipline has been perfect during the last few years. Now you can find trucks that mimic that feeling and are super helpful for carving.

Discover them and more equipment to keep carving

Longboard Dancing is more than just tricks; it is the art of dance while skateboarding. It is complex for most people because you have to learn to let go, but some other people are naturally gifted and seem supernatural.

There is only one thing that is clear with dancing; you need a long board with flex, which will give you more space to maneuver.

Find the best options!

Probably one of the most challenging disciplines in the longboarding community, it is mainly practiced by people that used to skate but also like to go fast. 

This discipline includes hippie jumps, early grabs, slides, flips, and every trick you can think about.

This discipline is so personal that people ride any kind of board; there is even some material that seems like it was made for short skating but is adapted to longboarding.

My favorite thing when I longboard is free-ridden; just the feeling of going down a hill and doing a stand-up slide in a corner is incredible; nothing can compare to it.

It is essential to have wheels that can slide, but I would say that the most important thing is that the board doesn´t have any flex.

Find here the best longboard gear for freeriding.

We can all agree that the most professional part of longboarding is downhill skateboarding. Every time you see a race, you can appreciate that these people are not casual.

This sport requires a higher investment; you must buy a leather suit, a full-face helmet, and a new set of wheels for each hit if you want to win all the races.

That is one of the reasons that only sponsored people can do a world tour and compete in all the races.

Find more about this craziness here.

It is another competitive style of longboarding. It used to be more prominent because it was one of the original disciplines when skateboarding was created.

With the growth of the industry, new tricks, and a new way to see and live longboarding, it is getting lost, but you still can find some people doing it!

It would help if you had a tiny board and trucks to be able to do slalom fast.

FAQ About Longboard Gear

As we mention previously, it depends on the discipline that you want to practive but most of the times you need:

  • LongBoard
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Helmet
  • Bearings
  • Screws
  • Kingping
  • Risers
  • Pivot cups
  • Gloves
  • Pucks
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads


We always recommend using a helmet because you can get the worst falls by doing the simples task, so it is always better to be protected at all cost.

Wearing knee pads and elbow pads are a plus, but your head should protected all the time.


It depends on the level that you are skating, but for begginers that just want to roll around it will be easier to ride a longboard. It is more stable and can go over bumps much easier, this is super helpful becasue it doesn´t need as much skill to start.

Using gloves is only recommended to do free ride and downhill. This happens because the longboard gloves come with a puck that can be made from different materials and helps the riders to do slides with the hand in the floor, what is always easier than doing a stand up slide.

It depends on how hard you are skating and how protected you are. So people that just cruise around can go for years without and injurie. But for example, if you downhill or freeride, you will be more likely to get injured dueh to the dangerous conditions that they expose themselves.