The ultimate guide about Longboard Trucks

The part of the truck on which the wheels and bearings sit. Axles are available in 8mm and 10mm.

Longboard truck Axle

This is the part of the truck that rotates. Suspended from the base plate by a bushing and swivel disk, the joint can rotate.

longboard truck hanger by atlas truck co

A small polyurethane bushing located in the center of the pivot that provides resistance when the slider rotates. There are two on each side of the trailer, one on the top (road side) and one on the bottom (plate side).


The largest bolt on the dolly that secures the bushing and washer to the frame.

longboard truck kingpin

This is the lower mounting plate of the truck and secures the truck to the skid plate. Various angles are available for the base plate to change its shape when it rotates.

longboard truck baseplate 45º by luxe

This is the small round body that the pivot rotates around. It also controls the feel of the area around which the pivot rotates.

longboard trucks pivot cups

These are the holes for the hardware used to attach the motherboard to the deck. New school style models and old school style models are available.

longboard trucks mounting holes