Longboard Bible is a project the Main Goal is to bring the longboarding community together. Our Mission is to get all the knowledge possible about Longboarding and everything related.

With this site, we aim to be where new skaters can learn everything they want about Longboarding, such as new tricks, a new skill, joining a community, and what gear is best for them to ride.

The first step is already done, creating a safe place for new longboarders, and now we are heading to the second phase, this one is going to be the longest but with your help, we hope we can achieve it sooner. The second phase consists of collecting all the information online, including spots, events, stores, equipment, and everything you can think about.

You can help us achieve this goal by talking about yourself and sharing your videos, brand, products, new tricks, or experiences; everything is accepted.

The main reason this site exists is that when we started longboarding, we didn´t have a place to go that had all the knowledge available; it was to spread about the internet. With this project, we don´t want to take the space that other people are taking but to help new riders reach them.

We hope the passion we are giving to this project makes you want to enjoy it, use it or even publish on it.

Thank you very much if you took the time to read what came to my mind.

Remember to wear your helmet, keep Longboarding, and enjoy your ride!