Finding the fastes wheel is not an easy task. We have to take on consideration, size, shape, core and even the durometer. It is important that the wheel is narrow to have less friction, hard core and hard durometer to absorb less vibration from the ground.


With the description and requirements that we gave above, we can confirm that the fastest wheel that you can wear on you longboard is:


scooter wheel

Jokes aside, you might be able to mount scooter wheels on your longboard and probably go really fast with it, but it has it´s cons: 

  • Probably won´t fit under 90% of boards.
  • Won´t have any grip if you try to take a corner.
  • Will slide too much if you try it.
  • And, last but not least, it is just not designed for it.

All that said. Let´s find the Fastest Longboard Wheel.


Diameter of the Fastest Longboard Wheel​

It has to be significant. What do I mean by that? The average wheel nowadays is between 70 and 74 diameters. That means we should be looking for a wheel between 75 and 80mm.

After saying that, you might ask, why shouldn´t we choose a giant wheel? Well, you could. There are options around. Electric skateboards prefer wheels more prominent than 80mm. They are suitable for going fast when you have a motor under the deck. 

A longboard’s main issue is that it is only pushed for your weight and gravity. If you use a giant wheel during a race, your competitors will have much better acceleration. By naturally reaching your maximum speed, they will finish the race.

A great example of this wheels are the Orangatang Caguama:

longboard wheel caguama

Core of the Fastest Longboard Wheel​

One of the essential things that Professional Downhill Skateboarders do is hard durometer. It helps keep the longboard wheel core more compact, gives more acceleration, and, if you go downhill, will help you use a softer durometer in your urethane, which is essential for gripping corners and not losing any speed.

Too much reading? well, lets have a break before we conclude this article!

Durometer of the Fastest Longboard Wheel​​

As we said at the beginning, if you need maximum speed, you need the hardest possible option. Skateboarding requires a grip to take a corner and a soft durometer to absorb the vibration of the roads. That is why the fastest longboard wheel has a durometer between 76a and 80a.

Top 6 Fastest Longboard Wheels

If you are reading this this article is unfinished, thank you for supporting us and reading this site!!

We finally have arrived to the top 6, we have make a listings about the top 6 wheels that now are killing the market, we will go from the least fast (of the best) to the fastest.


88 Wheels is the youngest brand on the list. They were created in 2021 by Boa Wheels and Pantheon Longboards.  Their mission is to build high performance wheels since now the industry lacks much variety.

We are looking forward to seeing what their progress is going to be!

Diameter : 80mm

Width: 66mm

Core Material: 


Core Position: Offset

Contact Patch: 65mm

Durometer: 76A High Rebound

Weight: 1.022 kg / 2.25lb

We couldn´t make this listing without mentioning Hawgs Wheels. This brand belongs to Landyacthz, one of the most notorious brands that immensely helped the community. 

These wheels are completely different from the other ones we have on this list. As we mentioned, the fastest wheels should have a harder duro, but most use a more significant core to compensate for it. Well, here you can find the one that doesn´t. 

With all the inside with a 90a durometer, you can keep all the acceleration that the soft durometer could take away. Having the soft outside still lets you grip the corners without losing much speed, an excellent option for going fastest.

Diameter : 77mm

Width: 71mm

Core Material: 


Core Position: Centerset

Contact Patch: 71mm

Durometer: Outside: super grippy 76a urethane, Inside: 90a smooth and grippy backtop

Weight: Unknown (yet)

Orangatang is another heavyweight in the longboard community, has been in the scene for a long time, supports the community a lot, and has helped grow the industry. Their downhill option is the Kegel. The information that we found online says that it was released in 2017, but if we remember clearly, they were released in 2013. 

This makes it the oldest of the list and shows how ahead of their time they were. When they were created, they were competing for the spot of the top racing wheel against RAD Designs and These Wheels. Both brands have dissolved, and RAD got absorbed by Sector 9 and These by Powell Peralta, so we can say that, in the end, Kegel came on Top.

Diameter : 80mm

Width: 56mm

Core Material: 

high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane

Core Position: Offset

Contact Patch: 56mm

Durometer: 77a, 80a, 83a Happy Thane

Weight(per wheel): 8.2 oz / 230 g

Cuei is a Brazilian wheel company that has been around for quite some time. They were founded around 2017 and have been an excellent option for downhillers since the beginning. They have great riders with great results in different competitions riding them, like Thiago Gomes Lessa. 

Their build structure is more similar to an old-school type of wheel but with a bigger and harder core, which has helped them build an excellent downhill wheel.

Diameter : 74mm

Width: 65,5mm

Core Material: 

Not specified

Core Position: slightly offset 

Contact Patch: 65,5mm

Durometer: White (75a) Green (77a) Orange (80a) Red (80a) Yellow (80a)

Weight(per wheel): not specified

Seismic is a company that has been around since 1993, they started designing trucks, but with time they started creating high-quality longboard wheels.

Everybody knew Seismic has always had some of the fastest wheels on the market. For years they developed an excellent reputation. They faced the issue that they were not the easiest wheel to ride. But that came to an end when they designed the Alphas, and more riders have used them.

Diameter : 80,5mm

Width: 55-61mm

Core Material: 

85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic

Core Position: offset 

Contact Patch: 55-61mm

Durometer: 74a (purple),76a (orange), and 78a (green).

Weight(per wheel): Each wheel weighs 9.125 oz. or 258.689 grams.

This model of Downhill skateboarding wheel is the king now; most competing people are riding this model. If you check the  World Championship rankings, most of the top riders of all categories use them. We can safely say that the Venom Magnum is the fastest longboard wheel on the market.

Diameter : 78mm

Width: 70mm

Core Material: 

85D fiber-reinforced thermoplastic

Core Position: offset 

Contact Patch: 70mm

Durometer: 76a

Weight(per wheel): Each wheel weighs 9.125 oz. or 258.689 grams.


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