Volante Serrata 72mm 80a

The Volante Serrata is the first race wheel in their lineup. They engineered the Serrata with a high-strength vented core that will allow for the fastest speeds downhill, and the 53mm contact patch with a 3.5mm offset will give optimal traction while you are pushing the limits. For those of you who want to go fast and stay in control, this is the wheel for you.



The Volante Serrata Longboard Wheels are pretty magical. We aren’t sure if Volante named them after marine gastropod mollusks of the Marginellidae family or if they are referencing the Latin word for serrated, “saw-like.” Signs are pointing more towards “saw-like” because these wheels cut up the hills! They have super sharp lips for digging into the asphalt and concrete when you need to grip around corners. The Volante Serrata wheels come in the same 82a formula everyone loved in the Volante Checkers. It is a consistent, smooth formula and has nice, even wear. When you throw that formula into a hard-lipped wheel, you get a crazy freeride or downhill wheel for heavier riders. The Volante Serrata wheels have a large vented core. This creates a dense hold around the bearing, giving it a faster roll speed. The vents help reduce weight and work well for wicking water away from the path if you catch yourself riding in the rain. We are incredibly pleased with the Serrata and can’t wait to see what Volante does in the future!

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