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Flatspot Vancouver Parkades

May 4, 2023 @ 9:00 pm 11:00 pm UTC+0

Vancoucer Parkades Is one of the 2 weekly events organized by Flatspotlongboard

Short description of the event:

Join us for an exciting evening of parkade shenanigans as we host the Gel Lab Vancouver Parkade Session, in collaboration with Flatspot and supported by Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, and Cariboo Brewing.

Starting at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) plaza, we’ll head out to explore the city’s best parkades with a group of passionate riders, including special guest Arian Shark Chamasmany from the Gel Lab in LA.

We’ll be sharing our local parkades with Arian and showcasing some of the best spots Vancouver has to offer. From skating to live streaming, we’ll capture all the fun on camera and in a photo album, with some mad skate face and steezies gloves around.

After hitting some of the most exciting parkades in the city, we’ll take a break for mandatory pizza and refreshments provided by Cariboo Brewing. We’ll also enjoy a tour of historic Gastown and learn about the city’s skate and commute culture.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a community of parkade connoisseurs and experience the thrill of skating in Vancouver’s best car holes. Come out and meet new friends, ride hard, and have a great time with us!

The following text and images don´t belong to us, it all belong to Flatspotlongboard and you can find it on their website:


Photo album of quality night time shennanigans from a whack of hooligans with nothing better to do. Enjoy!

We took a rider from a parkade session in one city, dropped them in a parkade session in a different city and you will never guess what happened next!

They had a shit ton of fun. The rider we dropped in the session was Ari Shark, who runs the Gel Lab (weekly parkade sessions) back in LA. The Vancouver Parkade session and the LA Parkade session are like two crystals in caves on either side of the world, both growing quartz. By some magical force of nature, there is a weekly parkade session in just about every major city in north america. Getting to share our local parkades with another parkade connoisseur was a pleasure. Stoked that Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels supported our twelfth Highway Jam that same week, making this cross pollination possible! If you like parkades and are visiting Van, seek us out if you want to get in on the dirty car hole action!

Departing Chinatown we head West to meet at the VAG.

Central meeting places are key to gathering and the VAG is the spot for us. Central to downtown garages and a casual plaza to play while we wait.

Specil Guest, Mr. Gel Lab himself, Arian Shark Chamasmany is tired, but ready to rip and stack clips.

First parkades happen, this was Dalton’s first. We popped his cherry. 🙂

Danny does skate-yoga to warm up mid run.

Papa Le and Olivier Bashonga with some mad skate face. Peep the Live Stream from Les on the Flatspot Facebook Page.

Andy Grant with the Beer-line.

We gave Ari a taste of the Boo.

Ben Williams killing it with the flex pintail and kook stance.

Clayton proves you can go can down.

Epic bluesteel.

Karson Leigh with the steezies gloves around.

Papa Les still on the live streaming, with Mischa Chandler trying to fux with his shit.

Matty and Chase enjoying the social aspects of parkades.

Think Ari is having fun?

Camilo Cespedes made the trip up for the Highway Jam (from LA not Colombia this time) and joined us for parkades and selfies.

Traffic, especially in downtown, is part of the skate & commute life. It can be a lot of fun, but also really dangerous, know your limit, skate within it.

Tell us how you really feel Ben?

Danny Dont Smith does skate snow-kades.

The Bridge IS Wet!

Chase with the eagle eye on his line.

For a first timer, the kid sent it.

Harlen Terjesen aint scurred.

Finally putting down the Live Stream, Papa Les got in it with Mischa out front and Chase in back.

They don’t make this kind of sunshine in California, but Ari wasn’t to be stopped… or rather, had a hard time stopping, ha ha.

Camilo broke both wrists.

Midway group pic… some will say it’s photoshopped.

We don’t mind the rain, but snow is kinda sucky.

Danny plays tour guide through historic Gastown.

Mandatory Pizza at every parkade session.

Kaylene Beatty looks innocent… but so do most parkades.


Kason Leigh see’s the line.

Danny Dont #Protectyaneck

Burton, full assault mode.

Video interruption… Chain Gang parkades was hectic and pretty novel.. not sure if we’ll try that one again, but wool hoo we had some sketchy fun for a minute there.


Mischievous Camilo.

Burton Templeman takes a knee for the Pender Bomb home.


Olivier knows… Cariboo is a big supporter of Parkades. Many thanks to Mike Rutter and Cariboo for hooking up the regular beverages and swag!

That’s it, that’s all for the Gel Lab Vancouver Parkade Session. We had an epic time and couldn’t be more thankful to Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels, Cariboo Brewing, and of course Arian Chamasmany and Camilo Cespedes for joining us.


+1 604-899-8937

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Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) plaza

750 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7, Canada
Vancouver,British Columbia7VMH+5R Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaCanada
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