The brand Urethane Burners recently released a “Fast Freeride,” and it’s safe to say that the video has left a lasting impression on viewers. Many have described it as “epic” and “absolutely f-ing epic,” with some even saying they were leaning into each apex while watching, wishing they were the ones riding alongside the video’s protagonist.

One thing that stands out in the video is the rider’s ease and control as they navigate the roads, blasting toeys and narrowly avoiding obstacles like drain covers. This level of skill and precision is certainly mind-blowing to watch.

At one point in the video, the rider is seen effortlessly navigating a series of sharp curves at high speeds, leaving viewers in awe of their ability to maintain control on such small wheels. Some have even asked if the rider was wearing a radio and if they were made aware of oncoming traffic.

Other highlights of the video include the rider’s impressive mountain rack at 3:40 and the legs-burning at 7:00.

Overall, the video has been described as “sensational,” “insane,” “siick,” and “durisimo,” with many viewers expressing their desire to see more from Urethane Burners. Clearly, this video has left a lasting impression on those who have watched it, and it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of freeride skating.


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