Level Up Your Longboarding Game: Master Insane Advanced Freestyle Tricks for Epic Shredding!

Freestyle longboarding is a thrilling and dynamic discipline that allows riders to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a board. Once you’ve mastered the fundamental techniques and built a solid foundation, it’s time to take your skills to the next level with advanced freestyle tricks. In this article, we will delve into a range of exciting maneuvers that will elevate your longboarding game and impress both fellow riders and onlookers.

Freestyle longboarding is all about freedom and self-expression. It offers riders the opportunity to explore various styles, including skating, sliding, dancing, and even downhill, all while infusing their own unique flair into their riding. The beauty of freestyle is that you have the freedom to choose which tricks resonate with you the most and focus on perfecting those.

In this comprehensive guide to advanced freestyle tricks, we will explore different categories of maneuvers that will challenge and expand your skill set. From cross-step combinations to no-comply tricks, handstands and handplant variations, board flips and spin tricks, to technical slides and grinds, we’ll cover a wide range of tricks that will allow you to explore new creative possibilities.

Each section of this article will provide detailed insights, step-by-step instructions, and essential tips to help you master these advanced tricks. We encourage you to approach these maneuvers with patience, dedication, and a commitment to safety. As with any extreme sport, it’s essential to practice in controlled environments, wear proper safety gear, and progress at your own pace.

Remember, the most important aspect of freestyle longboarding is to have fun! As long as you’re enjoying the process and pushing yourself to try new tricks, you’re on the right track. So let’s dive into the world of advanced freestyle tricks and unlock the potential for limitless creativity and self-expression on your longboard. Get ready to elevate your skills, impress your peers, and take your freestyle longboarding to new heights!

Cross-Step Combinations

Cross-stepping is a fundamental skill in longboard freestyle, allowing you to move fluidly and stylishly along the length of your board. In this subsection, we’ll explore various cross-step combinations that will enhance your repertoire of tricks.

Introduction to Cross-Step Techniques

Before diving into combinations, it’s essential to understand the basics of cross-stepping. We’ll cover the proper footwork, weight distribution, and body positioning required to execute smooth cross-step maneuvers.

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Cross-Step Turnarounds and Pivots

One of the first applications of cross-stepping is performing turnarounds and pivots while maintaining your balance on the board. We’ll delve into techniques for executing precise 180-degree and 360-degree turns using cross-step footwork.

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Cross-Step Shuvits and Varial Flips

Now, let’s take cross-stepping to the next level by combining it with shuvits and varial flips. You’ll learn how to incorporate cross-step footwork into these tricks, adding an extra level of style and complexity to your freestyle repertoire.

Cross-Step Manuals and Nose Manuals

Cross-stepping can also be integrated into manual tricks, adding a unique flair to your longboard freestyle. We’ll explore how to perform cross-step manuals and nose manuals, maintaining control and balance while shifting your weight along the board.

No-Comply Tricks

No-comply tricks are an exciting subset of freestyle maneuvers that involve popping the board off the ground using only your front foot. Let’s delve into the world of no-comply tricks and explore the creative possibilities they offer.

What are No-Comply Tricks?

In this subsection, we’ll provide an introduction to no-comply tricks, explaining the concept and mechanics behind this unique style of freestyle riding. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to initiate and control the board using your front foot.

No-Comply 180s and 360s

Starting with the basics, we’ll guide you through executing no-comply 180s and 360s. You’ll learn the footwork, timing, and body movements required to spin the board while incorporating the no-comply technique.

No-Comply Shuvits and Bigspins

Building upon the foundation of no-comply tricks, we’ll progress to more advanced maneuvers such as no-comply shuvits and bigspins. You’ll discover how to add rotational and flipping elements to your no-comply repertoire, impressing onlookers with your technical skills.

No-Comply Combos and Variations

To truly express your creativity, we’ll explore combining no-comply tricks with other freestyle maneuvers. You’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate no-comply techniques into slides, flips, manuals, and more, unlocking a world of possibilities for unique trick combinations.

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Handstands and Handplant Variations

If you’re looking to take freestyle longboarding to the extreme, handstands and handplant tricks will undoubtedly deliver the adrenaline rush you seek. In this subsection, we’ll dive into the thrilling realm of balancing on your hands while riding a longboard.

Handstands on a Longboard

Performing a handstand on a moving longboard requires a combination of balance, strength, and coordination. We’ll guide you through the process of safely executing handstands on your board, including tips on body positioning, hand placement, and finding your center of gravity.

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Handstand Kickturns and Spins

Once you’ve mastered the art of handstands on a longboard, it’s time to explore handstand kickturns and spins. You’ll learn how to initiate controlled rotations while maintaining your balance upside down, adding an impressive dynamic to your freestyle repertoire.

Handstand Variations and Creative Transitions

To push your handstand skills even further, we’ll explore different handstand variations and innovative transitions. You’ll discover ways to incorporate handstands into slides, flips, and even seamless transitions from standing on your feet to a handstand and vice versa, creating visually captivating sequences.

Flips and Shuveit (shove-it)

Board flips and spin tricks are crowd-pleasing maneuvers that showcase your technical prowess and control over the board’s movement in mid-air. In this subsection, we’ll explore various flips and spins, teaching you the techniques needed to execute these tricks with finesse.

Kickflips, Heelflips, and Varial Flips

Kickflips, heelflips, and varial flips are fundamental board flip tricks that involve spinning the board while simultaneously executing a flip. We’ll break down the mechanics of each trick, providing step-by-step instructions and essential tips for mastering these impressive maneuvers.

Board Spin Tricks: 360s, 540s, and Beyond

Moving beyond flips, we’ll delve into board spin tricks that involve rotating the board without flipping it. From 360-degree spins to more advanced variations like 540s or even multiple rotations, we’ll guide you through the techniques and body movements required to execute these tricks.

Flip into and out of Manuals

Combining flips with manuals adds an extra level of difficulty and style to your freestyle riding. We’ll explore the intricacies of flipping the board while maintaining balance on just the front or back wheels, both entering and exiting the manual position.

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Combining Flips and Spins for Stylish Tricks

To truly showcase your freestyle skills, we’ll teach you how to combine flips and spins in creative and stylish ways. You’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate these two elements, opening up a vast array of possibilities for unique and visually captivating trick combinations.

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Slides and Grinds

Technical slides and grinds are advanced freestyle maneuvers that involve sliding or grinding your longboard on various surfaces. In this subsection, we’ll explore different techniques and variations, helping you add a touch of technical flair to your riding style.

Sliding Tricks: Coleman, Pendulum, and Stand-Up Slides

Sliding tricks allow you to break traction and glide sideways on the board, creating controlled drifts and slides. We’ll introduce you to popular sliding techniques like the Coleman slide, pendulum slide, and stand-up slide, explaining the footwork, body positioning, and weight distribution required to execute these tricks.

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As we mentioned in the article about Freestyle, this discipline is about being free, and not limiting yourself, you don´t have try all the tricks, just the ones you want. This longboarding stail is all about being free, you can come closer to skating, sliding, dancing or even downhill, but what is sure is that you are free will doing it.
If you are having fun, that is the only sign that you need to know that you are doing it right!


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