maxresdefault longboard freestyle

Advanced Longboard Freestyle Tricks

Level Up Your Longboarding Game: Master Insane Advanced Freestyle Tricks for Epic Shredding! Freestyle longboarding is a thrilling and dynamic discipline that allows riders to push the boundaries of what’s

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FAST FREERIDE at Col d'Izoard

FAST FREERIDE at Col d’Izoard

The brand Urethane Burners recently released a “Fast Freeride,” and it’s safe to say that the video has left a lasting impression on viewers. Many have described it as “epic”

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Scott Mano Skates Vulcan

Scott Mano Skates Vulcan

Skate enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss this video of Scott Mano’s raw run down Pasul Vulcan in Romania. Filmed by Luke Spud, this road is known for being one

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